Sunday 29 January 2006

The 4th Quatrain

From the greatest Empire  
A thousand swords will swoop  
To slay the Demon Lord  
At the heart of malice  

Located in the Temple of Korak at Barasiumar in Shanaras. Requested by Garryl Taresadar in correspondence after he had been told about it when visiting the tenth quatrain in the temple of Belgris in Karia.

Conventionally believed to refer to the thousand swords forged in the ancient Niban Empire to fight the demons. The identity of “the demon lord at the heart of malice” is

An egotistical interpretation might be to that the Thousand Swords refers to the thousand veterans who swept from the far side of Fontarbria back to Ankheras, which events led to the killing of the Arok (not really a demon, but previously referred to as such at least by the magus Arnoal and certainly a malicious influence). Adrieste endorsed this interpretation. She also pointed out that the survival of the thousand for so many years during the wars in Fontarbria was remarkable and – coupled by the manifestation of Korak at Hadraden's coronation – indicated that Korak had protected them, possibly for the fulfilment of this quatrain's prophecy.

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