Saturday 20 August 2016

Monsters' Ball

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So, the Fall Formal is tonight. That'll be fun, right?

There's some time left in the late afternoon in between clubs and the dance. Aster is hanging out in the courtyard and spots Brie.

Aster, the Fae

Aster looks mysterious, with lyrical eyes. Fae Born, in classic changeling fashion, he was placed in a human family as a child. But his human parents (perhaps unsettled by him) sent him off to boarding school as early as possible. Aster is a member of pretty-much every club in the school, but drops in and out, likes to mingle and keep an eye on everyone.

He likes to trade secrets, and is reliable, though with strings attached. His Fae sister Ambrosia, was raised in Fae. She introduced him to the Fae Court, and he relies on her too much (she finds him a little annoying, but he's in her debt).

He has blue hair, but it's not dyed, that's his real hair colour.

He writes wonderful poetry and has a keen insight in English Lit (especially into Shakespeare's sonnets), which is how he really captured Chloe's fancy.


Brie was mean to Aster, back when she was normal. She ostracised him for his weird blue hair, as if he was worthy of standing out. She pointed it out, time and time again, to the nuns, who disapproved of unnatural hair colouring. He regularly dyes his hair, but the blue roots keep showing through; people thinks it's a weird passive/aggressive thing).

Ian comes to Aster for information, and he gives him the upcoming trends on Victor (with some help from Ambrosia).

Aster asked for Ash's help to get someone to like him once. Mostly now they undertake most of their mischievous missions together.


Aster spots Brie sitting alone in the courtyard, drawing in her notebook. Cameron is sitting across the way, and it's obvious to Aster that he's studying her and trying to think about how to hurt her. Aster's interested and walks over in front of her, but she startles and closes the notebook as soon as he blocks out the sun.  When he wonders what she's drawing, she is curt
-None of your beeswax, Blue
But he presses, telling her that art is beautiful and deserves to be shared. He takes out his notebook, full of poetry and shows it to her, but she's not impressed by his cute (and florid) writing. Her stuff is way more serious than that.

His sincerity in opening up to her seems to make some impact though, and she opens the page she was working on. There's a half-drawn demon, and flicking through the older pictures, he spots horrible monsters, and people in pain, and a terrifying red wolf.
-Where do you come up with this stuff?
She recounts the time she got those crazy visions, she saw those monsters everywhere and it nearly drove her insane. She was hospitalised in a psych ward for a while.

-Maybe you could find some other subjects for your drawing
Aster says, flirting shamelessly.
-Maybe if you dyed your hair back to black and dressed respectably, you'd be nice
Brie replies, but it's obvious she's responding to his advances
-Maybe if it was green?

He wonders if she's going with anyone to the dance. Dan asked her, but he's so annoying. She accepts his invitation, but tells him to keep his paws to himself. In mock dismay he assures her that he'll be a perfect gentleman and will let her lead the way. She's got to go, she's got choir practice.

Chloe, the Infernal sees Miss Carter walking across to the dormitory. She must be on monitor duty this evening. As Chloe walks past on the way to her room, she hears sobs inside, but her sneakers are squeaking and Miss Carter opens the door (with bowl of popcorn in hand). She senses Chloe's guilt and ushers her inside (brooking no resistance). It's her birthday and she's got no plans (except to sit in an empty dorm and watch crummy movies (she's got a stack of Julie Roberts DVDs lined up).

When Miss Carter presses her about what's wrong, Chloe almost spills what she knows about Mr. Armstrong and Ms. Wells. She stays away from the details but definitely comes across as a confused mess. She gets a warm hug and some kind words, but that only makes Chloe feel worse.
-That's not even the worse thing he's done
smirks Oberon from inside her head.
-But you'll have to go talk to Mr. Armstrong if you want to find out more!

Madison, the Witch is trying to get her coven lined up. She wonders if Chloe and Maria would be game. Before she can confirm anything with Maria, Chloe's room-mate spots her 'lost' lighter sitting on Madison's bedside locker.
-You sneaky little...!
and takes it back. Madison heads over to wait at Chloe's dorm, leaning against the door jamb expectantly.

Victor, the Ghoul is being stared at by Sidney.
-What happened to you! You died!
-I blacked out for a minute there, what happened?
But Sidney ignores his response, feeling for his (non-existent) pulse. Her eyes widen and she backs away. He puts his hand out to stop her
-You never answered my question...about the dance
-No way. I'm good
and she rushes out

He walks quickly after her, and follows her at pace as she runs; but when he turns a corner he bumps into Jordan, who's got his nose stuck in a sports book.
-Sorr...What do you want? Freak!
As Jordan notices who it is.
-An apology
Jordan puts on a brave face, and tells Victor that he's fine, but the fear is evident. He wonders how Victor is fine and yells for him to stay away!

Victor grabs him but Jordan lashes out with a fist, catching Victor's face. Victor lines up for a headbutt, but gets Jordan's shoulder instead and then a shrill voice rings out
-Mr. DuFreyne!
It's Sister Beatrice, calling out Victor's name.

Sister Beatrice
They get marched through the offices, where they get an icy stare from Charlotte Abbington (Madison's mom), before being sat down in front of her heavy desk.

-Boys, have a seat. I'm very disappointed in you both.
Jordan breaks, saying that Victor started it. She tells him ('Mr. Marx') that's no excuse. And when Victor protests his innocence, he feels a sharp pain inside - he's still a subject of that hex!

She isn't surprised at Victor's behaviour and imposes all of the following week in detention for them both, dismissing him first. He staggers to his feet and leans in as if to kiss Jordan (to predictable results). Jordan stares daggers at his back on the way out, but is then given a stern lecture on self control (she expected better of him).


Chloe spots Madison her doorway, and sighs. She wishes she could just turn around and avoid this conversation, but doesn't
-Hey Madison
-I've got a proposition for you, if you're interested.
Suddenly Oberon is interested.
-You do realise that she's a powerful witch. I'd be obliged if you could bring her to me.
Chloe agrees, but wonders if she can take a rain check for a future favour, no questions asked. Surprisingly Oberon is very keen.

As this conversation is going on in Chloe's head, Madison wonders what the hell is happening. Chloe's just staring out the window with glazed eyes. She stands behind her and looks out, but there's nothing there. Until she stares out the Abyssal window. She hears voices:
-bring her to me
-but what do I get out of it
and then she sees Oberon, watching as young people becoming twisted with self-hatred and pain.
Madison's initial reaction is to freak out, but then her mind twists it and she realises that it was her defeated enemies she saw!
When Chloe looks back at Madison she tells her that there's something powerful out in the woods that she has to see. They agree field work is much more mystical than casting hexes from a dorm room.

Madison is happy with this
-I've found real power. Those idiots Sidney and Ash hadn't a clue.
Chloe promises that she'll join the coven and they agree to head to the pool after the dance.

Aster bumps into Ambrosia when he looks for Cameron (who disappeared when he was talking to Brie). She's grinning at what she calls his quaint human engagement. But has a more serious subject to discuss. The court are worried about Him escaping. They don't think it's likely, after all, it could only happen if some fools help Him to break out! Aster should stay hidden; so that Oberon doesn't notice him, but should try to discover who his servants are.

Ambrosia presents him with a token for Brie to show his affection. But Aster doesn't think a few simple daffodils will suffice. She despairs, but tries again. A beautiful, elaborate dagger appears instead. But Aster tells her it's not appropriate. With another sigh, a bouquet of purple roses entwines the dagger.

Aster heads off to find Ash, who says goodbye to Sidney to talk to him. And they plan a prank for the
dance - Aster will provide a distraction while Ash swaps out the music for something more lively - and inappropriate - maybe something with anti-clerical leanings.

At dinner, Maria joins Chloe and Madison at their table. Jimmy is talking to Cameron, but something's wrong and Jimmy is annoyed. After a couple of sideways comments (aimed in Madison's direction), Jimmy punches Cameron and storms out.

Javi stops by to say hi to Chloe, but she fobs him off when he wonders whether he should collect her later. She'll see him inside the hall. Chloe is looking out for Emily, but Emily sees them and leaves awkwardly.

Victor joins them, sitting opposite Madison and next to Chloe. She asks him
-Is that your blood?
And he smiles to show off the blood in between his teeth.
She doesn't find it amusing, and when Victor asks her what's the matter she tells him that she hates Mr. Armstrong.
Victor says he's a philander, and it's not clear that she knows what that is (he collects stamps? he donates to charities?) so Victor agrees that he's very generous with his penis. Chloe tells him about Miss Carter's birthday and how upset she was earlier.

Victor feels a presence behind him; it's Brie, who wants to talk to him. Victor wonders
-What's the matter?
-I missed you. I never understood why we broke up.
As Victor is formulating an answer Chloe interjects and tells Brie
-You broke up because you know what's good for you
Victor snarls
-You killed off the real Brie and gave up on life!
Brie grabs his hand
-You're wrong! I'm finally who I'm supposed to be
She has a painful look of hatred on her face and walks away crying. But somehow very assured and strong.

Aster looks on. He heads over to Cameron after Jimmy leaves. He curious why Cameron is fixated on Brie. This petty drama is just causing them both pain. Aster tells him
-Brooding is no way to live. Do something! Show passion.
But Cameron has nothing for Aster, who leans in to whisper
-Just do something!
Cameron is above this pep-talk, and in control of the situation. He gives a menacing grin.


At the dance, Aster presents the flowers to Brie (the dagger's hidden inside his jacket). She loves them, it's her favourite colour, and puts one behind her ear.
They dance, and she blushes at Aster's moves. She leans her head on his shoulder, but she's looking for someone. After just one dance, she heads to the ladies' room.

Madison arrives with Maria. She's dressed in a suit and they're quite happy with their non-compliant approach. Jimmy comes over to Maria, but she tries to get rid of him and it turns into an argument.
-So, you're like a dyke now!?
And Maria slaps him. But Jimmy's furious
-You're going to regret that, bitch!

Madison gets a mouthful as he walks past her too. He calls her ugly, and Maria leaps to Madison's defence
-Anything would be a step up from you
Cameron talks him down and steers him inside.

Charlotte Abbington
(Madison's mom)
Maria's crying, so Madison kisses her. That comforts her a little, and she declares
-Let's piss off some people!
Madison's mom spots them as they enter. She's horrified
-Whatever about that occult nonsense you were into, this
She points to her and Maria
-this aberration!
Madison rallies, aiming to hurt her
-Don't you have some nuns to babysit Charlotte? (You're not even my real mom)
With a steely gaze, Charlotte says
-Do what you want, There'll be consequences for your behaviour.

As Aster's and Ash's plan is about to spring, people start looking at their phones. Just about everyone has just gotten a message. It's a video of Maria and Jimmy having sex. Maria drops her phone and runs out as people look around at her. It's come from an anonymous account, but presumably it's from Jimmy & Cameron.

There's some mood whiplash as the new raucous music comes on, and Aster grabs the mike and convinces everyone to get back on the dance floor, which amazingly enough they do!

Victor visits Miss Carter (he prefers to call her 'Emma') in the girls' dormitory. It's empty apart from her. He follows the smell of cookie dough and the sound of sad music (with faint singing along). He opens her door to see her singing into a doughy spatula, and she turns around aghast.
-you didn't see that, right?

She tells him that he really shouldn't be here, but since no one else is around, it's ok (this one time). Victor takes out a small black box from his pocket and gives it to her. She opens it to find a choker necklace with a rose and thorn pendant.
-I can't take this
-It's your birthday. And I owe you an apology...
So, she puts it on.
-...for freaking you out earlier. It's just rare that someone gets you.
They talk about how resentful you can get when abandoned. When you're not in control and apparently not worth someone's time. She hugs Victor quickly, tearing up. Victor looks her in the eyes and says
-I think the young girl who used to wear things like that choker is still in there
-Maybe more than I wish

They watch a movie; she has more than romcoms on her shelf. They consider Rear Window, but then play Wait until Dark instead.

Chloe meets Javi in the hall; he's brought sunflowers for her. She dances with him for a few, but then suggests that he should talk to his friends when they arrive. She dismisses his attempt to wave them off, and says they'll catch up in a while.

She ambles over to Aster, and wonders
-You and Brie don't seem like the kind of people who get on
And, as if on cue, he gets a message from Brie: she's feeling sick and went back to her dorm room.
Chloe grins, and is about to suggest to Aster that it's a strong signal when he gets another telling him that Brie'll see him tomorrow. She's not too bad and there's no need to check up on her.

Oberon's getting impatient
-Bring me the boy

But first, she steers over towards Mr. Armstrong, who's talking to Ms. Wells (or 'Judy' as she hears him call her). He's not too impressed with being called away by her, but she tells him that this conversation won't be drama-filled.
Oberon fills her in on his dirty little secret, and she uses it straight away
-I was doing some reading, and I noticed something very interesting. An unpublished work by Jonathan McDowell on Faust.
His jaw drops, and he nervously glances around.
-Plagiarism is a terrible thing, at that level of academia, it would shatter someone's reputation.
He stammers.
-You're going to make sure I am getting A's in history from now on...
and Chloe glances behind him at Miss Wells
-...and the same goes for chemistry.
She smiles and walks away

Even Oberon is impressed.


Aster finds Cameron and Jimmy, drinking and talking in the corner.
-Congrats! That was more than I was expecting.
Cameron can't help but accept a compliment
-Time and planning.
Aster wonders if Cameron's got anything else planned, and gets the timeless Sun Tzu line back
-If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.
To which Aster wonders if he wants to wait with someone...
And they exchange glances, looking back at the (drunk) Jimmy, who's a very poor replacement for Victor's talents.

Madison finds Maria curled up in the ladies', sobbing. She brushes Maria's hair back and tells her
-We can make this ok. I'm going to get Chloe and we'll make this right.
Maria wipes her tears and mascara away.
-I'd like to be sure, before we do anything.
She's broken.

Madison goes to talk to Jimmy; she needs to be able to convince Maria who it was.
Jimmy is drunk and Cameron answers her accusation
-What video? Oh, that was Jimmy. I wasn't responsible.
and then it occurs to him
-Oh yeah, you're the new girlfriend.

She gazes into the Abyss, but Jimmy rouses and notices her. Cameron sits back to watch.
-How could you! This is your fault! I don't care if you're a girl, you're wearing a suit
and Jimmy punches her.
Cameron's laughing at this, and Mr. Armstrong has to pull Jimmy away from Madison

Madison plays hurt for him and Mr. Armstrong notices that they've been drinking. Cameron is too smart for that and has just been drinking the (non-spiked) punch. So Jimmy gets dragged away.
Cameron smiles and gets up to leave
-Well, this has been fun

Madison grabs his discarded punch cup and Jimmy's forgotten jacket. These should be useful.

After the film is finished. Victor and Emma continue talking about their issues with being left alone. She seems very dissatisfied. She points out that he wouldn't get so much shit around school if he wasn't so difficult (she knows that he's really so sweet). People would be receptive to his pain.

Victor tells her where he got the necklace; it's stolen. He tells her that he can turn himself in and return it, or she should let him know if she needs anything else.
-Just take it back. I can't accept it, there's no need to turn yourself in
She squeezes his hand and blushes again.

Gazing into an impossibly deep full sink of water, Aster sees where Victor is. He's drained but has a plan. He grabs Cameron to go after him. They catch the last scene between Victor and Miss Emma Carter on video. Bonus material: they get a perfect angle on Miss Carter backing away because they've been standing too close.

Victor bows subserviently before leaving and Emma smiles.

Chloe grabs Javi and tells him they should go for a walk outside. Maybe into the woods. As she leads him down the track, he talks aimlessly about football and they end up at the dark pool.

She takes him by the hand to the old elm beside the pool, and he's getting nervous.
-This isn't like you. What are you afraid of?
-It's really dark
Chloe takes off her shoes and starts to undress.
-We're going swimming.
and when he demures
-You're such a wuss!

He starts to strip down as well, and goes in first. His eyes go wide as he hits the water
-Who's there?

Oberon greets him
-Hello. I can grant you a wish
Javi is confused and Chloe (from the bank) tells him that he has a big game coming up against Newtown next week, and he could...
-but that would be cheating! I don't want to...
-How sweet
Oberon observes.

Instead, he offers Javi knowledge. He can make the boy the wisest of men. Javi still isn't sure, and Chloe takes a step closer.
-People call you dumb, Javi. Apart from football, they have no respect for you. But you'll show them.
She struggles to shut down his moral centre.

And when Javi accepts Oberon laughs.
And Javi hears how Oberon intends to give him a hideous self-awareness of his failings, that will torture him until he begs to be let go free. He'll become a monster just like Oberon and when he's done and said things he can never forget, he'll realise that ignorance is bliss.

Javi is sucked down into pool, calling for help, but Chloe ignores his cries, turning away to dress, and she slowly walks back up the path.


Oberon tells Chloe.
-You'd better hurry. Your girlfriend doesn't have much time left.
Chloe hears an agonised howling.

She races through the woods, to find Emily (a red wolf) whimpering in pain. She's been shot. Chloe tries to drag her body, now slowly transforming into human form, but it's too heavy for her.

She calls on Oberon
-Remember that favour you said you owed me, no questions asked?
-Oh, I'll save your puppy
And the wounds start to heal in front of her eyes. Shaking in pain as the bullet rips out of her, Emily passes out.

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