Thursday 3 May 2018

Halcyon City

Halcyon City is on the shore of the great Mojave Lake along the Colorado River. The city became a centre of gravity for Supers during the Corazón War, way back when the small town was at the frontline in the struggle against the Red Queen and her minions.

Laws elsewhere have kept Supers largely confined to a few Haven Cities and during the second Pence presidency the surveillance and controls Supers face in the country has only ratcheted up.

The Silver Age Supers have enough power and influence to remain pillars of society and authority to withstand this relentless assault on their rights, and have formed AEGIS (the governmental agency that controls and oversees Supers). AEGIS uses co-option and propaganda at first, then an IRS approach (backed by Excelsior) before resorting to the big-guns; paired teams of an Agent and a Super.

Tag, the Innocent 
Gus / Tag
Gus Gaynor is a scrawny kid from the 1940s. He grew up in an age before Supers, and AEGIS files classify him as one of the first. His super-speed ability showed itself when he raced to save his younger brother from a collapsing building. He failed when he was pushed into the future by the Super-Villain Catcher (his future self). He phased onto Lake Mojave to join the others in a face-off against Catcher.

He loves the food in this new future (a far cry from the dull food and rationing of the 1940s). He's really not so keen on the fixation with celebrity and new media. He loves hanging out with his hero friends and finding out about all the heroes who've been active in the city in the last 80 years. He hates his future self, Catcher, cause he blames him for the death of his brother.

Catcher has a cyber right-arm which has a lot of imbued power, but his super-speed is even more powerful than Tag's.
Tag's costume is a plain off-white running outfit, but when he speeds up, it shifts into Blue-Red.

Lucia / Bruja helps him to understand this weirdo future and he follows her lead.

El Serpiente, the Nova
Javi / El Serpiente
Javi ran away from home after his powers manifested. A bully was tormenting him and he lashed out with his biokenesis. His hands extended into snakes to almost kill the bully, and when he returned home he lost his temper and hurt his family as well.

He's settled in a (very) small apartment over a green grocers shop where he also works for Ignacio. His new girlfriend, Anita helps him deal with it and talks through his issues. Because of this he's inspired to try to use his powers responsibly and for good. He cares about the team because they have a similar outlook.

He usually wears dark clothes or long sleeves to try to hide the faint scale pattern on his skin.

He hangs out all the time with Lucia / Bruja to blow off steam.
He once hurt Simon / Shadow when he lost control of his powers.

Bruja, the Doomed
Lucia / Bruja
Lucia Delgado moved to Halcyon City from her hometown in Oklahoma. She was out in the barn with a few of her school friends smoking something fairly innocuous when they all lost consciousness. Three of them died and her best friend Julie Perkins was the only other one to life, although she had no memory of what actually happened.
They moved around a lot in between and she's estranged from her family now, working in the ticket booth at the bus station.
Her powers manifest as telekinesis, psychic constructs and vitality absorption, and she can bring her doom ever closer by accessing a portal which is linked to her sanctuary.

Her sanctuary is a black/off-site owned by Halcyon Analytica. That corporation, specialising in VR, is owned by Brad Armstrong, a silver-age Super who she knows will bring about the end of the world; even though no one else believes her visions.

Anita, Javi's girlfriend, can help - she's her friend as well and works at Halcyon Analytica as a technician.

She told Javi / El Serpiente all about her doom and the danger she's in.
She'd love to kiss Gus / Tag before her doom comes.

Shadow, the Beacon
Simon / Shadow
Simon Simolea broke into an abandoned mansion to escape some bullies (the cool kids). There he discovered the lair of a Golden-Age hero where Simon's self-induced psychosis created his alter-ego of Shadow.

The Golden-Age gizmos allow him perfect camouflage and stealth, along with awesome phasing.

His sister, the earnest, beautiful and successful Sidney doesn't think he should be a Super but he loves it because it's the opposite of being Simon. He cares about the team because they don't know or care who Simon is.  He still lives at home with their parents.

Javi / El Serpiente is awesome, and he takes every chance he gets to hang out with him.
He's got to prove himself to Gus / Tag before he feels like a real hero.


The first time they all worked together was against Catcher, the Super-Villain who pushed Tag into the future.

Tag appeared on the surface of the lake, losing speed and being attacked by his future self. He was hopelessly outmatched and was helped by the others. El Serpiente forced them apart with Shadow jamming Catcher's cyberarm. Bruja summoned a horde of shambling horrors directly into Catcher's mind and he fled.

El Serpiente laid waste to Halcyon Port during the fight, grabbing onto Catcher and flinging him directly into a giant cargo ship (operated by a subsidiary of Halcyon Analytica).

Innocent bystanders were killed during the carnage; both aboard the ship and on the portside. Including the young Super called PestilenZ (the next generation of a Legacy) who Bruja was having lunch with at the time. PestilenZ was killed when he boarded the ship to find out the true nature of the device Catcher was trying to access.

Tag was the price of Catcher's deal with the devil - he was meant to be encased in the super secret and elaborate Containment Facility aboard the ship. But Shadow's phasing ability knocked Catcher's cyberarm out of action and thus he was unable to contain his younger self.

Next Session: Stand or Hit

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