Tuesday 28 February 2006

The 22nd Quatrain

The Mighty slays scores but  
Unknown he is betrayed  
His sword alone survives  
To be unlocked in time  

Located in the University in Vinaria in Ankheras. Located by Garryl Taresadar.

We suspect this may refer to the legend of Taran Kun, whose name translates as “the Mighty Taran”. He is a common subject of Tibulani mythological epics. Tibulani legends suggest that he was a foreigner who achieved legendary feats, including the slaying of a dragon, who died in a cave from the wounds inflicted by that dragon. Artuli research suggests that this Taran was the last of the demon-slaying order of the Niban Empire, who lost his sword prior to arriving in Tibulanus.

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