Thursday 29 December 2005

The 10th Quatrain

When Mandrake and Stars align  
Their third issue rises  
Eastern Kingdoms tremble  
At a new born power  

Located in the Temple of Belgris in Karia in Ankheras. Located by Garryl Taresadar.

We follow the former Bishop of Belgris in believing that this refers to Hemarl Matora. Six stars form the arms of Ertura, thus referring to Mictila. The mandrake is the emblem of the house of Tarashonis, referring here to Prince Bertan. The third issue of Mictila and Bertan was Hemarl. The Eastern Kingdoms may refer to Histra and Ankheras, which are “Eastern” by the reckoning of Kranthor, where our ruling lines originated.

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